Asian Medical Institute (ASMI)

Asian Medical Institute (ASMI) is a prominent medical university situated in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Committed to producing well-rounded medical professionals, ASMI provides a range of programs
designed to foster medical expertise and compassion.


✪ Faculty with diverse medical expertise from around the world.
✪ Clinical training at modern healthcare institutions.
✪ Research-focused approach to medical education and advancements.
✪ Multicultural environment for a global learning experience.

Medical Programs Offered:

General Medicine: Comprehensive medical education covering fundamental disciplines.
Dentistry: Training in oral health, diagnostics, and dental treatments. In English Language.
Nursing: Focusing on patient care, healthcare management, and clinical skills.
Pharmacy: Preparing students for roles in pharmaceutical science and practice.

Why Choose Ala-Too International University?

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